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April 27, 2015
Sophomore Year
March 5, 2015

In 2011 the Australian indie pop group Sheppard was formed with three family members and other talented musicians. The members are Jay Bovino, Amy Sheppard, Michael Butler, George Sheppard, Dean Gordon, Emma Sheppard, and Jared Tredly.

Sheppard currently has 17 songs recorded and available for purchase, and their most recent album “Bombs Away” was just recently released. “Bombs Away” has 12 tracks on it and each one is enjoyable.

The vocals of their music switches between Amy Sheppard and George Sheppard. Both of their voices are fantastic, and they really harmonize with each other well. Their voices also compliment the instrumental components of the music.

Sheppard seems to do an acoustic version of every song they make. Their acoustic versions are all smooth and gentle, just as most are. Upon watching their videos on youtube it looks like the group works well with each other and, they all genuinely enjoy the music they’re making. George, Amy, and Emma are siblings and have been playing music together for years, which explains why the group seems to click so well.

I thoroughly listened to each song on their “Bombs Away” album and each track has it’s own unique feel to it. They put you into a mood, it’s as though they stimulate your mind with words and tunes and give you a feeling of bliss.

One of my favorite songs of the bunch is “Geronimo” because of it’s upbeat tune and catchy lyrics. I definitely recommend purchasing this album.