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Kalin White and Myles Parrish started their duo in 2011. The type of music they put out is hip hop and pop. Since their start, they have created 23 songs. “Trampoline” being their first top selling song, was released in 2014. Since then they have gotten many fans around the country.

Many of their songs are not like other rappers, and pop singers. They don’t just talk about money and body parts, they sing with a lesson in mind.

The duo began because both of them loved making and hearing music as a kid. The duo is going to give tours this year in California, Oklahoma, and New Jersey.  The fanbase they do have are younger fans ranging from ages 9-16

The type of music they create is completely different than the music society appears to label as “normal” music. They are different because they sing with a meaning, and you can understand them in their lyrics.

In one of their song titled, “Chase Dreams” the message behind these lyrics is not to give up and keep going for your dreams.

“Chase dreams you know we ain’t stopping”.

While other singers rap with lyrics such as, “Uh, sama lamaa duma lumaa you assuming i’m human,” from Eminem’s Rap God, which  has no meaning but is said to make him seem impressive.

Kalin and Myles make good music, but are not really a duo who rap in the traditional sense. Most of their music fits under the category of pop music.

One suggestion is they should focus on getting older fans to get their music on the charts. One example is the group Linkin Park, their music shoots for 14-17 year olds, but older people listen to their songs as well.

Gaining older people and younger fans can only make their fanbase even bigger than it is now.