The Vamps: Music Review

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March 5, 2015
Courtesy of The Vamps

Courtesy of The Vamps

The Vamps are a british pop group, consisting of four boys. The group started in 2012 with cover songs on YouTube, and quickly gained popularity. The members are Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball, and Tristan Evans. Brad Simpson is the lead singer of the group, and let me tell you; he is fantastic.

Simpson’s voice is so beautiful and easy to listen to, it could almost be described as angelic. When I’m listening to their music, I can’t help but try to sing along; even if I don’t know the words. Simpson’s vocal talents, put together with the instrumental talents of the other boys, make music wonderful. It’s upbeat and fun to listen to.

Their collection of songs are all pretty good. Each song is unique and has its own flare. There is something different to enjoy from each song. Most of them include something to do with love, or falling in love. But they don’t follow the same rhythm and beat, or share a basic sound like most bands these days.

The group’s music videos are up on YouTube, and they’re enjoyable. They either tell a story, or are just beautiful. The music video to “Somebody To You” is placed on a beach, and poolside, and it’s so beautiful you can’t help but watch it. Or in “Can We Dance,” it tells the story of a party, and they need help cleaning up. The videos are also of high quality and are worth a view on youtube.

Something I personally enjoy a lot about The Vamps’ music is that it is relatable, their songs are usually about love as I previously stated, and I’m sure almost everybody has thought they were in love at some point. Which, since I’m able to relate to their music I enjoy it a lot more. And I’m sure more people will be able to relate to and enjoy their music  just as I have.