Rixton: Music Review

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Sophomore Year
March 5, 2015
Rixton: Let The Road

Rixton: Let The Road

When I first heard of the band Rixton, I thought they were just another unknown band searching for their chance into the music business.

But, little did I know that I had already heard, and fallen in love with one their songs – “Me and My Broken Heart.” The music was fresh, and the lyrics really conveyed the emotions the singer was feeling.

Unfortunately, when I first heard the song, I didn’t know who it was by so I thought nothing of it. Upon learning that the song was by Rixton, I found myself becoming extremely interested in the group and their music.

Rixton is a group of boys from Manchester, England, who are just bursting with talent and passion for music.

When listening to their songs you really can feel emotions through their music. Whether it be the lyrics or the instrumental elements of the song.

I went and searched the group on Youtube and watched music videos for two of their songs and knew I was obsessed. Rixton is a great group of talented musicians. Their music is well-written and performed.

Their music videos are intriguing and slightly off track. Just when you feel like you know what’s going on the plot does a 360 spin and you’re confused.

For example, in their music video for the song “Hotel Ceiling,” it looks like this girls boyfriend went missing and she’s upset about it, but towards the end of the video she pulls his dead body from under her bed.

I personally enjoy their music because I feel I can really connect with the lyrics and they somehow manage to put my feelings into words. It’s unique to me because I don’t think I’ve ever felt connected to a band before.

Whenever I feel down, I like to put on their songs because they’re upbeat, but they still catch the emotions.

On their album “Let The Road,” there are a total of 12 songs, all equally great.

My overall impression of their music is good. They’re extremely talented and great at performing, and the music is definitely worth buying, but if you’re picky with your music taste; check them out on youtube first.