Updating the system

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What is school exactly? School is defined as an institution for educating children.

However, many students would say that it is a jail that keeps them from the outside world.

Junior Jonathan Elster said, “Schools completely overhaul the education system. They should focus 100% on the ‘education’ part of the school.”

Students are always taught the same four courses math, science, english, and history. Although, time has passed and these four class have gotten more advanced.

For example, science has become biology for freshmen. Sophomores have to take chemistry for their science, while juniors are taught physics, and seniors chose what science appeals to their career pathway.

Either way all the classes taught in school are actually teaching students stress. Today’s teens are feeling more stressed than ever.

From feeling tired all the time to procrastinating or neglecting their responsibilities. Most teenagers’ stress comes from school, work, friends, and family.

“I think the most stressful class is English, only [on the days] when we have to write essays,” Elster said.

Most teenagers who are stressed experience emotional and physical symptoms of stress. According to APA, American Psychological Association, some “…common symptoms include feeling nervous or anxious, feeling tired, procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities, feeling overwhelmed, having negative thoughts and experiencing changes in sleeping habits.

Problems with concentrating and changes in eating habits [ (like] eating too much or too little] are also linked to stress.”

“Whenever I  feel stressed I work out, get help, finish what I have to do,” junior Paige McCleskey said.

Stress leads to having bad habits and an unhealthy life. However students can decreased the amount of stress they have with doing some type of physical activity like running or hiking.

Having the right amount of time to sleep is essential so the body can rest after a long day.

Junior Amanda Massey says, “I paint and or surround myself with friends, whenever I feel stressed.”

While senior Matthew Mooney says, “We should cancel school and go back to the stone age and live in caves.”