Stress: Day to Day

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  • “People at school stress me out,” freshman Victoria Urban-Norbeca said.

  • “Tests stress me out too,” junior Allison Beatty said.

  • “Tests stress me out at school,” junior Timothy Wakatoni said.

  • “Homework stress me out,” senior Gabby Taylor said.

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Stress is a common thing in schools when multiple kids get stress from athletics or grades. If players fail, playing football is out of the question.

Pre-AP can also cause stress because of the workload from being in an accelerated class.

Stress coming from home is another reason some kids are tired or on edge.

Sometimes teachers can help by talking to kids to see if they need any help or just an ear to listen.

Some kids are stressed because of too much homework because some of these students even spend the night trying to catch up with homework.

Instead of doing homework at the last moment, a suggestion would be to do  your work within a specific set time and feeling rushed and stressed out is at the lowest point.

Going at your own pace can help some students feel good about themselves and can also eliminate the stress from rushing to get work done, or worrying that you wont have enough time to get it completed before the teacher asks for your work.

Another issue with stress can also be low test scores which can trigger a mental breakdown, especially state mandated tests, where kids may start crying.

Kids even go through cheating as a way to handle this rushed, have to be on top, please mom and dad syndrome.

Most kids know that major cheating or plagiarism off the internet or getting answers to major tests is wrong.

Cutting or suicide can cause severe depression for some kids who feel as though they can’t handle the stress.

Every adult, from parents, to teachers, to administrators, or any person who deals with kids on a daily basis needs to watch out for stuff like depression which can make kids think of cutting or finding a way to end it all.

If attention is not placed on students, something horrible could happen and to prevent this from happening, just ask them how they feel, especially if they look stressed or tired.

“Homework is one of the things that gets me stressed at school,” freshman Josh Clark said.