Music Addicted #3

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Have you ever just taken a pen or marker and just doodled on your arms and hands? Things like song lyrics and phrases you know or have heard and bored drawings make a constant appearance, don’t they?

It’s funny how one song can influence a person so easily. Our mood and even attitude is often influenced by the kind of music we listen to.

A lot of people depend on music to get them through the day a lot – and more often than not, they listen to things that make them feel better; things they can relate to.

There’s always that one song that makes us want to get up and dance like no one is watching, whether it’s because of the tune, the words, or both.

Naturally, people want to find things that make them smile.

More often than not, music tends to be the right thing for that job. This, of course, is probably a reason why there’s an entire category of music considered “feel good.”

The high school period in life is considered to be one of the worst. It’s a time that tries to rob you of your happiness and individuality – but it can also prove to be one of the best.

Between friendships and relationships and the music that gets you through the day, a lot of people might look back at their high school experience with a sense of nostalgia.

But these days seem to be when we listen to feel good music the most, whether it’s because we’re partying with our friends or just need something to cheer us up.

Lately, a good feel good band for me has been The Killers.

While The Killers are actually a very well known band, a lot of their songs are not. The songs most commonly known by teenagers these days are ‘Somebody Told Me’ and ‘Mr. Brightside.

Neither of those, however, are songs I’ll be doing. The song is, however, on the same album.

This song, named ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ isn’t nearly as well known as it deserves to be.

With a catchy tune and meaningful words, ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ is a song directed towards anybody, really. The title alone is something that speaks to people.

Save some face, you know you’ve only got one

Change your ways while you’re young

Boy, one day you’ll be a man

Oh girl, he’ll help you understand

A lot of people wear a mask that isn’t really them. It’s really just a natural human thing; a reflex in order to fit in. But as you grow older, things like this start to work against you. Whether it’s a mask or not, people always find a way to dislike you – that’s why you have to save the one real face you do have and change your ways before it’s too late.

Romantic love isn’t exactly a necessary thing in life, but love and friendship tend to help people get through a lot of things. Even if people struggle with things, there are always others to help them through.

Smile like you mean it

Smile like you mean it

 Eccedentesiast, noun; a person who fakes a smile.  People, especially high schoolers fake a smile quite often.

This is often the time when depression strikes hard and nobody is really ‘happy’ anymore.

People don’t smile like they mean it.  In a lot of people’s minds, showing weakness is something that isn’t allowed, if only because this tends to be a dog eat dog world.

But there’s always a chance that happiness will come, and that’s why you should only smile like you mean it.

Smile Like You Mean It’ is a song that gets you really thinking about a lot of things.

It makes you think about your place and how you actually are. As catchy as it tends to be, it can easily get stuck in someone’s head for days, or be that one song someone listens to on repeat.