New Color Guard Director

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April 27, 2015
Sophomore Year
March 5, 2015

The  color guard lost its’ current directer, Mrs. Perkins through her resignation and Mrs. Grace Zientek took over. With big shoes to fill, Mrs. Zientek knew her work would be cut out for her, but she accepted the position with confidence.

With eight years of experience under her belt, Mrs. Z has all the tools she needs in order to mold this guard into a winning team. Having worked previously as a color guard technician for Klein Oak High School, she has great experience as a teacher and has the talent and passion needed to write intricate choreography for the winter guard show.

Loving color guard as much as she does, Grace “jumped” on the opportunity for teaching this season when she found out the position was available.

With a rocky start by meeting the girls for the first time in January, when other guards shows are nearly finished,Mrs. Z said that she is, “Still optimistic that this year’s show is coming together nicely. Because the color guard is an amazing group of girls who are dedicated and hard working.”

Mrs. Z is sure this will be a fun season.