To Participate or Not

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November 12, 2015

Mustang Football, one of many sports offered in public schools in Texas.

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The idea of being the best at whatever sport chosen to compete in is helpful in high school, but there are some major distractions in the world of sports.

Texas schools have many athletic programs which provide students with a wide range of different sports to compete in. These sports can include football, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming, track, and cross country, just to name a few.

Most of these sports listed are some of the most popular among boys and girls alike. Parents seem to enjoy their children participating in sports because of the benefits.

“Sports help, because if you don’t pass, you can’t participate,” freshman Krysta Corrieri said.

Corrieri went on to say that sports help students with their grades, making them behave in class and to keep passing just to be eligible for participation.

Overall, sports seems to have helped the athletes with academics by making them more competitive on and off the field.

With sports as a prominent activity in high schools, the question now is whether or not sports really do help or interfere with academics.

Some students need a way to release or overcome anger so that it is not released on others students or themselves.

“I can take out my anger on the ball,” freshman Dane Smith said.

Athletes have had overly positive responses to how these activities affects them academically, physically, and overall as a student. Students never say that sports are a burden or get in the way of their education.

It is a given any athlete knows that to play their chosen sport, academics must play an important role for them to succeed.