Stopping Bullies

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May 22, 2015

Bully Free National Campaign

Bullying is a nationwide issue in America, and it seems to get worse every year. The most troubling aspect of it is that children are afraid to talk to anyone about it.

The physical and mental health of that child will erode over time, so look for any signs of bullying. Can anything be done?  Advice from adults is becoming less and less helpful, and in some cases the adult will bully too.

Speaking from experience, ways to deal with a bully if adults will not help are to

simply avoid the bully.  Ask a friend to help you, keep a low profile and to not let people have anything to bully you for. If the bully is not a physical one you can find a way to outsmart him, and this is especially helpful because bullies will not bother you if they are scared of being humiliated again.

“It made me feel like an outcast,” junior Damian Saul said about his bullying experience.

Bullies want to feel powerful, do not let them. If a bully is insulting you, you should not react, because that is what they want. If you are not the person being bullied, help the people that are.

“Yes, it felt bad. I felt guilty,” freshman Kyle Everett said about being bullied.

Find a way to feel good about yourself. Bullies are childish and immature, keep in mind that you are the better of the two.

A good way to report a bully is to record what happens, this way the bully cannot lie their way out of trouble. Also, find a group or club to be in, as bullies are less likely to attack when others are around, stay around friends.

“It made me feel kinda lonely, like I didn’t have any friends,” sophomore Tyler Lucas said.

Finding an adult is the most common way to deal with bullies, however, this does not always help. A bully may threaten you or worsen if you “tattle.” If you ask an adult to help you, remain anonymous to the bully, because chances are he bullies other people too. Do not tell an adult in the presence of the bully because then they know you got them in trouble.

And lastly, do not bully yourself by self harm or stop going places because it is happening, because if you do that, the bully wins.