Real or not

Reality TV has affected our society in several negative ways by making young teens think that they need to be like reality Tv stars. To begin with, people imitate famous TV stars  for example, ever since the Kardashian- Jenner family became famous, many teens started becoming Kardashian- clones by imitating them, which basically includes your average teen mixed with some attitude, more sex appeal, and a tendency to want expensive, material things.

“I think reality TV is to controlling and that too many people look up to reality stars,” senior Cody Beaver said.

Because of this cloning, individuality no longer exists. Moreover, shows that were made to entertain us actually create stereotypes and assumptions about different groups. MTV’s Teen Mom, for instance, has given many people the idea that teens are stupid and irresponsible due to promiscuity.

Shows like Jersey Shore, another MTV favorite, has made a reputation for New Jersey, which is that this small state is full of crazy partiers who drink all the time and are known for their crazy antics.

Even though these shows are on the ‘favorites list’ for many people, this entertainment is putting a lot of negativity on the shoulders of todays youth.

“Reality TV is changing the way that people look at certain areas of the world because of the way that reality stars act people assume that everyone associated with them are the same,” senior Elizabeth Lakics said.

This form of entertainment may have its ups and downs, but there is certainly a plus side. Through the Kardashian family, many charities and organizations are advertised, and as a result, more donations for those in need have been made. Some reality TV shows help raise awareness for issues, such as online dating.

“Reality stars are people too and there is more to them than just what they do on there shows,” senior Roman Yancey said.

The newest MTV series Catfish, for example, conveys the journey that average people take  when trying to meet their online- love in person. A lot of the time, the person on the other side of the screen is not who they say they are.

This type of show draws attention to the dangers of talking to people you do not know, which can save many people from a broken heart and the confusion that online- dating causes.

Similarly, Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant shows teenagers that having children at such a young age is not a smart idea, considering the fact you are put through so much at such an early time in your life; consequently, many teens have began to realize getting pregnant at a young age is not cool.

Reality TV may be messing up society, but it makes up for a small portion by helping teens thrive to become better and stronger. Reality TV, whether we like it or not,  is here to stay.