The Librarian

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    Starting, Again
    May 9, 2016

    Head Librarian, Mrs. Christian Cheshire, and her famous pink book cart.

    The library is a place where love stories start and end, a place where your imagination can run wild, or a peaceful place to do some studying. Our library contains a total of 18,000 books on the shelves for students and teachers to check out and enjoy.

    “The library receives $6,000 per year for new books, thanks to Dr. Schnautz. It goes really fast though,” Librarian, Mrs. Christian Cheshire said.

    Mrs. Cheshire tries to get books which will interest students by enticing them to read by ordering series like The Hunger Games to the top selling books such as The Fault In Our Stars.

    Although most of the books in the library are not new they are still checked out and checked back in on a regular basis. Sometimes the books that are checked out are not always checked back in therefore creating a consequence for that student.

    “When a book is lost or not returned students pay a $5 fee. They also cannot checkout books, receive textbooks the following year, be exempt from finals, or get a parking spot until it is taken care of,” Mrs. Cheshire said.

    Every book goes through a unique journey like surviving a long bus ride in a stinky gym bag or having every other page torn out by younger siblings. Vandalized books are not always common but when it does happen there is a penalty for both the book and the student.

    “Luckily this does not happen often, but when it does, the book is taken out of circulation and re-ordered,” Mrs. Cheshire said.

    Mrs. Cheshire is always in the library helping students with homework or helping put together last minute projects.

    However, while she was growing up she wanted to be a veterinarian. Then through the years her passion for books grew more helping her decide what to study for while in college.

    “I knew I wanted to get my master’s degree in something. I had taught English for several years and had a passion for books so that helped me make my decision,” Mrs. Cheshire said.

    Before becoming a librarian, she was an English teacher at Magnolia Junior High, but Mrs. Cheshire loves being a librarian. She likes providing students with a quiet place during a long, busy day and being surrounded by books. In the library she gets to see so many students and listen to their interesting stories.

    “I love being a librarian and what makes it even better is to be the librarian at Magnolia West,” Mrs. Cheshire said.