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Movie Review

DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend ; or, the less attractive/more approachable person out of a group of friends. Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) is the DUFF out of her trio of friends including the aspiring fashion designer, Jess and the computer hacker, Casey.

After the mean and popular Madison Morgan (Bella Thorne) invites Jess and Casey to a party on Wednesday night, and refuses to give Bianca an invitation, Casey rips her invite in half and Bianca is then able to go the party.

Upon arrival to the party, Bianca leaves Jess and Casey on the dance floor to get something to drink. While at the refreshment table, Wesley “Wes” Rush (Robbie Amell), Madison’s on-and-off boyfriend and Bianca’s childhood friend and next door neighbor approaches her and begins a conversation which then leads to him informing Bianca that she is the DUFF.

After breaking off her friendship with Jess and Casey, Bianca then becomes even more distraught after her newspaper teacher Mr.Arthur (Ken Jeong) gives her the assignment of writing an article about what homecoming means to her.

Bianca soon hears Robbie get told by his Chemistry teacher that he is failing, and may not be allowed to play football if he doesn’t get his grades up. Knowing that Wes needs to pass Chemistry, Bianca convinces him that if he helps her not be the DUFF anymore, she will tutor him in return.

Wes and Bianca then go to the mall for “lessons.” While trying on clothes, Wes tells Bianca to loosen up and she begins to dance obnoxiously and confess her love for a popular guitar player, Toby to a mannequin in the store.

After leaving and unknowingly being videotaped by one of Madison’s friends, Bianca and Wesley run into her and Bianca is told the video has gone viral and everyone at school has seen it, including Toby.

Wes later tells Bianca not to let the video mess with her plan to no longer be the DUFF. He convinces her to go and confront Toby and be frank about her feelings for him. After doing so, Toby asks Bianca on a date to his house which later turns out to be an attempt to get closer to Jess and Casey through Bianca.

In tears, Bianca calls Wesley for comfort, but he doesn’t answer and she goes to a big rock in the woods where she took him to study a few days prior. Upon making her way to the rock, she sees Wes and Madison kissing and storms off back to her house.

Bianca later rekindles her relationship with Jess and Casey and they convince her to go to the homecoming dance. Wearing the dress that Jess made, the three walk in together and Bianca confronts Madison by saying that everyone is somebody’s DUFF, and that it is nothing to be ashamed of because she is now content with herself.

Wes then ditches Madison and expresses his love for Bianca and they become boyfriend and girlfriend for a happy ending.

This movie is full of laughter and has those “so true” and “relatable” moments. It has the power to make you more aware of cyberbullying, and touches on the subject of self-image issues.

The message this film sends is that happy people are the most beautiful people and as long as you love yourself, nothing else matters.