The Heart of Art

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Lines, strokes, dots, shading, coloring, with so many options artists use these techniques to express feelings though the creative minds that are always blooming new ideas.

Everyone has an artist inside of them, it’s just the matter of finding where exactly  the artists resides and bringing their inner artist out. Drawing makes students feel emotion and that emotion is then transferred onto paper in some form.

Feeling creative with art, junior Keeley Merrill draws because of her sister. Starting at a young age, Merrill’s favorite utensil to use is charcoal and color pencil.

Her most favorite art piece would be an abstract drawing she completed a year ago with tissue paper.

“Always go with your gut. Don’t let people tell you what to do,” Merrill said.

Merrill takes pride in the work she does and although she is not planning to major in art professionally as she gets older, she is still going to continue to do art activites.

Starting to draw at the age of twelve, junior Zahkyla Sheriff began drawing after inspiration from the anime she watches on youtube.

Using pencils, paper, and quills as her utensils, Sheriff’s favorite art work is a picture she created of her brother and her when they were kids.

“Sometimes stray lines turn into something great,” she said.

With portrait and still life being her favorite things to draw, Sheriff’s dream project is to do a portrait of African Royalty. She tries to love all of her drawings and plans on going into marketing in the future.

“Sometimes stray lines turn into something great,” she said.

Junior Jessica Mairena’s dream project is to accomplish something on a big canvas. At a young age, Mairena preferred to work in a quiet environment. She takes pride in the work she does, and her favorite piece of art would be the rodeo art she completed for 2015. “Just have fun with it,” junior Jessica Mairena said.

Abstract art work is Mairena’s favorite form of art. She loves to use pen and ink to complete her projects.

The world is surrounded by art, our lives rely on the masterpieces artists from all over the world make everyday. There is no limitation to art, if you can think it and put your plan into action without the thought of giving up and others trying to pull you down, that’s the mark of a true artist.

Someone who can see beauty in objects that other people see as old, worn out, or even trash is a true creator, A true artist is someone who never gives up, and these art students work hard to accomplish what some may see as the impossible. These are the people we look up to for big ideas, these students are our future dream makers.