Spring Fever

    Senioritis plagues high school seniors every spring.

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    Senioritis plagues high school seniors every spring.

    It is the groan in the mornings when your 6:00 a.m. alarm rings. It is the blank stares and the tired faces of the morning drive to the place everyone wants to be least. It is the drop in your stomach when the first bell rings. It is Senioritis.

    Have you ever been walking into school and thinking about all the places you would rather be? This crippling disease is sweeping high schools, targeting seniors.

    Senioritis begins when high school seniors take a look at the finish line of graduation and decide, “I’m done!” before actually completing required twelfth grade work.

    Senioritis tends to form mid-year but can occur sooner for some students.

    “I have it so bad.  This year needs to hurry up before I stop doing any work at all,” senior Dominic Brandolini said.

    Symptoms of Senioritis include: laziness: having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, lacking attitude about homework and school project, having poor hygiene, and being overly social, for example wanting to spend all of your time with friends instead of doing class work or even home work.

    This condition is debilitating and most students will begin to slowly start thinking of high school as nothing more than a waiting room for graduation.

    Senioritis, is in fact, consuming students.

    “Senioritis is the longing to leave school and go back to bed,” senior Julianne Sharp said. “Or not wanting to get out of bed at all. I can’t remember a time this year when I didn’t want to throw up at the sight of homework or those awful school lunches or the ticking clock in my head counting down to the day I get to walk across that stage and begin my adult life.”

    Unfortunately, high school does not provide yoga or massage rooms for students with this paralyzing condition in order to wind down after attending AP calculous or Pre-Med.

    Perhaps teachers should start handing out complementary stress balls.

    Oh well, maybe next year.