Swim Goes to State

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May 11, 2016

Send off to State in style for Mustang Swimmers. Front row/Left to right: Sr. Hannah Rocksaz, Jr. Hannah Dooley, Fr. Emily Merner, Jr. Callie Decourt, Jr. Kaitlynn Hartman; Fr. Allie Giles; Fr. Alyssa Dooley; Jr. Mary Kay Jones. Back row/Left to right: Sr. Dustin Novak; Soph. Chase Seal; Sr. Blake Davis; Sr. Jacob Evans; and Coach Jeremy Wade.

In order to advance to the state competition, a swimmer has to win a regional event or get called up as one of the next 8 fastest times in the state. This year, 12 Mustangs have managed to out-swim the competition and advance to the finals.

The results of the state meet have the girls team placing in the state, making this their 6th year in a row to make top 10, and the boys made 26th place!

Two of these athletes are freshmen who have had older siblings on the swim team. Sibling rivalry has helped these swimmers become better in their perspective events.

“My sister pushes me to do my best. Also we are very competitive,” freshman Allie Giles said.

This friendly rivalry is a great way for younger swimmers to push themselves and accomplish great things.

“It has helped push me to want to try harder in practice to beat her times,” freshman Alyssa Dooley said.