Music for the Soul

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Music is, in every form of the word, breathtaking. Like with all things, some are certainly far more so than others. Likewise, our mood or attitude can easily become dependent on the kind of music or songs we listen to – especially if you’re like me in the manner of listening to the meaning.

As the type of person who pays more attention to the lyrics than that of the tune, music holds a very deep meaning for me, and a lot of other people, as well. For some people, especially those of us who see music as a source of comfort, the lyrics of a song – the meaning behind them – are very important.

Lyrics almost always hold a much deeper meaning than most people seem to actually take the time to notice. You know, songs lyrics like the ones in that lovely Pitbull song, Timber!

Only, not really.

In my opinion, at least – which I’ve found a lot of people simply don’t agree with – older songs are better. Music nowadays seems to focus purely on romantic aspects of life – breaking up, hooking up, intimate matters, and more; the kind of things teenagers today apparently seem to enjoy hearing.

Honestly, not all songs are bad, of course. There are quite a few tolerable ones that encourage you to fight on, because things get better. But older songs seem to actually focus on that matter, all while still having fun with their catchy music. So, from the 2007 album – we won’t start out too old – by 12 Stones, I bring you the song World So Cold.

Now, I know a lot of people would immediately think of the song by Three Days Grace that goes by the same title. I think the reason for this is because I’d like to consider 12 Stones as, what I like to call a “Cult Band.” Basically, though it’s probably obvious from the name, a “cult band” is a band where a few people know about it. They’re not too popular, but they’re not completely unknown.

I typically find myself preferring such bands; it’s fun to find people who know about them and fan together with almost nobody else knowing what you’re talking about. If it’s not too popular, then you won’t get tired of them as quickly, either. Back to the current subject at hand, though; while the ideas of these two songs are somewhat similar, each song is its own.

World So Cold by 12 Stones, might be about humanity’s own darkness, or depression, perhaps. But it also speaks about how we may not be all gone – perhaps we aren’t fully beyond saving.

   It starts with pain

Followed by hate

Fueled by the endless questions

No one can answer

A stain

Covers your heart

Tears you apart just like a sleeping cancer

The beginning seems to lean more towards the issue of depression. It speaks about initial pain, followed by the hate one begins to feel for anything and everything, especially themselves. Following such speaks of the questions one begins to ask themselves, but they feel as though they can’t – or won’t – be answered. The stain that covers the heart could be that stone people tend to put up in order to keep others out, even if they’re “tearing apart” within. But this song isn’t all sad; it slowly goes into the idea that things might not be all lost.

Now I don’t believe men are born to be killers

I don’t believe that this world can’t be saved

How did you get here and when did it start

An innocent child with a thorn in his heart

Humanity, see, isn’t all bad. Even if we do hate each other for our differences, in the end we’re all the same. All it takes it for us to eventually realize that. But until that time, we will carry this burden. But as it says, perhaps one day this world can be saved.

What kind of world do we live in

Where love is divided by hate

Losing control of our feelings

We all must be dreaming this life away

In a world so cold

The question is a common one to a lot of people, “What kind of world do we live in?” This song speaks of the way how we always hate each other, “love is divided by hate,” which, to me, is quite true. We label each other and we can’t get along, despite the fact we’re all people, in the end.

We’ve lost control of ourselves and let our own feelings go rampant, instead of considering those of others. Most of us tend to live in our own little realities, in that way – our own little dream, as it says. Because it’s such a cold world, we wish to escape it and therefore refuse to acknowledge these things.

Each person, in the end, has their own opinion on what exactly a song could mean. Perhaps to somebody else, this could just be a mass of words they happen to like listening to, or have a completely different meaning altogether. Every mind is different; every song could be too. Now I won’t bore anybody by going through and picking the entire song apart piece by piece, but this is definitely the kind of song you’d have to close your eyes and actually think about.

But aren’t most?