Movie Review: An American Sniper

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Navy SEAL, Chris Kyle appears on a national talk show.

Chris Kyle, United States Navy SEAL and most lethal sniper in history with 160 confirmed kills, gains publicity from the graphic and traumatic experiences outlined in his book.  It is obvious to many his story should be made into a film, and so it was.

Clint Eastwood, director of the film “American Sniper” stated, “We’re not making the picture for awards.”Instead, his {Eastwood} purpose is to show the “..toll that war takes on you,”and so it does.

From seeing death to causing death, Kyle is portrayed by Bradley Cooper. The actor never met Kyle in the flesh, but had one conversation with him over the phone shortly before his death on February 2, 2013 at a Texas shooting range.

Bradley spoke about how important this role was to him and went to Midlothian, Texas to discuss portraying Chris with his wife, Tanya and their children. Cooper was able to fully embody Chris as a husband, father, and soldier.

Opening with a flashback to Kyle’s first and presumably most difficult kills, its easy to get the gist of just how true this film is to his story. Following events from Kyle’e career, such as creating a team with the task of finding and killing the second in line to Al-Zarqawi known as “The Butcher,” witnessing the death of fellow soldiers and friends, and the struggle of being away from his wife and children. The audience begins to fully understand the sacrifice soldiers make for those back home in the U.S.

From beginning to end, this film is full of action, suspense, and sadness all working together to give the audience a sense of understanding of the struggles of being a part of the United States Military.

Not only does this movie exert the duties these men and women have to endure and the burden they have to carry, but the portrayal shows the way soldiers’ families back home are also affected.

At the end of the film, ticket holders are able to see photos of people honoring Chris Kyle, and during the credits music is not played to leave the audience the ability to think about the impact this film was meant to have on the citizens the military serves and protects.

All in all this film is not meant for the faint of heart or over emotional Americans, but it is a great film to know the story behind Kyle and our military heroes and what they give up for our freedom.