The Importance of Human Values in Society

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Human values in society have become undeniably in need of severe critiquing. The importance of human values in society, specifically those of the correct moral and ethical judgement, are imperative to the continual prosperity and overall flourishment of the human race in everyday interactions. Although some may disagree, there is no denying the blatantly obvious state of the human race and its declining morals, ethical viewpoints and general values.

Morals are defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, as being “concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior,” which should undoubtedly govern every living person’s conventional life. As an AP student in high school, the topic of cheating is talked about frequently, although through the use of morals most students recognize that it is morally wrong to cheat. Without the acknowledgment of the necessary values and principles, society will inevitably lose those who thoroughly direct the growth and expansion of the entire populace. Moral values are the essential assets that should be perpetually accounted for in any and all reciprocal actions.

Ethics are defined by the Oxford Dictionaries, as “the moral correctness of specified conduct,” which should also be present in the back of one’s mind during interactions. While it is nearly impossible to quantitatively define ethics, The University of St. Thomas argues that “a quantitative approach to measuring ethical behavior in corporate entity is somehow alien to ethics and moral deliberation.” Without ethics, humans would lack basic beliefs of right and wrong, as well as fair and just decisions. Ethics are an essential trait to obtain, due to their influence on behavior and impact on character.

Furthermore, the only solution to the declining comprehensive decency within the majority population, is the process of starting with a blank slate; strategically teaching a moral code as soon as possible to children who have yet to form a solid standpoint. Through the correct use of a moral conduct and ethical codes, human values within society will increase, causing those distinguishing prerequisites to adequately shape the future and determine the overall well being of mankind.