Mentoring to Mustangs

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    March 3, 2015
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    Magnolia West is privileged to have the few, the proud… Mustang Mentors!

    Mustang Mentors is a program that has been running since the beginning of October to help work with our special needs kids.

    The mentors work with the kids every day during advisory helping them with their class work, playing card games and assisting the teachers with anything they need, such as an errand or any other type of paperwork.

    The kids love it when the mentors come to  visit them and their favorite game to play is UNO.

    Freshmen Makayla Sanchez has been helping the kids since her 8th grade year and she enjoys helping out this students. She has even recruited a couple of students into the mentor program.

    “I love it,” Makayla said when describing how she feels helping these special needs kids.

    Sanchez plans on becoming a Life Skills teacher or even a vet and this program has helped her decide what she wants to do after high school.