Mustangs play Bryan

Second round playoff game

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September 15, 2014

According to legend George Jones, the ‘race’ is on.

At least for the Mustangs’ rise to the top in Texas’s Division I High School Football.

Defeating Houston Madison was not an easy win with odds working against the Mustangs.  On paper, the Marlins appeared to be bigger and stronger.  That was until the game started.

After a long bus ride, a sudden change in the weather and a smaller than usual cheering section, which did not diminish despite the bitterly and unusual cold temperatures.

The next stop for the Mustangs will be in Waller Friday night in the Regional Semi round against the Bryan Vikings.

“I think it’s gonna be close.  We are facing a good team.  We are in the playoffs so they have to be good,” junior Chase Pitts stated.

And so begins another push for the Mustangs to go past the third round for this football season.

“It will be a close game because the Vikings coach has taught Coach Bell’s dad, so there is a friendly rivalry,” Pitt stated.

Tyler Ferre, junior, was impressive against the Marlins when 12 out of 14 passes where completed for a total of 329 yards.  Ferre is credited with two touchdowns and even with the cold, he kept interceptions down to one.

Damarren Mitchell, junior, crossed the goal line within the first six minutes of the game to come out on top six points and with Stevie Damrel, senior, completing his kick to add the pat to the score.

Aaron Thomas, junior, playing for the Mustang’s as a running back, had 42 carries for a total 207 yards.

Scott Polmanteer, senior, had 5 catches for 169 yards, one touchdown and three of his receptions were for more than 40 yards.

“It’s gonna be close,” senior Scott Polmanteer stated.

When our offense is on target, the Mustangs are unbeatable. With minimal team injuries the Mustangs are in fact virtually young team where juniors make up the majority Varsity.

“I think it’s gonna be close.  We are facing a good team.  We are in the playoffs so they have to be good,” junior Chase Pitts stated.

When asked who she thought was going to win tonight, junior Madison Washington stated,” Us, Duh! We gon’ win.”

Looks can be deceiving and Magnolia West appears a much better team than record books indicate.

Scoring nearly 50 points in the majority of scheduled games, the Mustangs are head in talent with the clock working against us in  the Houston Madison game.

The stats for Bryan indicate Magnolia West will be facing a decent team.

“The Vikings have simple plays – but they are good at it.  We are more experienced, that is our advantage,” senior Erwin Castellanos stated.

Magnolia West and Bryan will meet at Waller Athletic Stadium Friday, November 21st at 7:00.

And based on past performances, this should be an evenly matched game for both teams.