Making High School Easier

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    November 12, 2015
    Making High School Easier

    Most high students are too busy, with homework shoveled in their backpacks, with only four hours of sleep the night before, and with no idea where to start so high school is not a constant battle.

    Most kids who are having trouble with high school the issue might be the issue is poor planning or staying on task. Here are some quick tips to make the high school experience substantially easier.

    Tip #1 To-do-list-

    -make a to do list with all the tasks needed to complete in chronological  order most important to least, and have a reward or relaxing period  every time the task is completed motivation to get things done.

    Tip #2  Keep your work with you.

    -keeping unfinished class work with you can be an easy way to use extra time you have  for work if you are ever on a trip or a doctors appointment, you can pull out tonight’s homework and get it done on the `fly.`

    Tip #3  Saying no!

    -If students can learn to say no to friends, and become disciplined ,and do class work instead of going to parties, or hangout and just goofing around ,then work will be done and on time.

    Tip #4  Find productive zone…

    -If students are able find a productive zone they will become less distracted or procrastinate. When students are in that productive time then they might notice how much easier it will be to get work done and stay on task. For example, some students enjoy working right after dinner, and can get their task done with ease

    Tip #5  Full 8 hours of sleep

    -of course, last but not least, teenagers need a full eight hours of sleep or more. Whenever students wake up in the morning, tired and groggy, and it takes the bucket of ice water to get out of bed then chances are you probably did not get a full eight  hours of beauty sleep.

    If you follow these tips or at least some of these tips, the high school experience will then  be easier for you and you can watch your grade soar through the roof. Your chances of getting a scholarship for college go up tremendously, and will make the time spent in college a lot easier, when following this advice.